Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Boys of Steel

Here's a forthcoming book that I really can't wait to see. If you're tired of re-reading Gerard Jones' oh-so grown-up MEN OF TOMORROW for the umpteenth time, Marc Tyler Nobleman's children's book, BOYS OF STEEL, due out this summer, looks to be a good follow-up,offering the stories of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and their creation, SUPERMAN to young audiences. He made their reputations and yet in a very real way ruined their lives. While we wait for the book to come out, here's a wire service report from December of 1975. This was during the period where Neal Adams and Jerry Robinson--as detailed in Jones' book--eventually shamed Warner Communications into doing at least reasonably well by the pair. The lawsuits continue to this day, however, with a fascinating book to come on that if, in fact, they are ever really settled! You can pre-order Marc's book here: Amazon.com: Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman: Books: Marc Tyler Nobleman,Ross Macdonald

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