Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Challengers Ad

I have been just amazingly enjoying the new BRAVE AND THE BOLD series by Mark Waid (the true keeper of the silver age flame) and the ever amazing George Perez. One of the many highlights is the best-in-decades portrayal of Jack Kirby's CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN. Here's an ad for the Challs first getting their own mag way back when.


  1. It's interesting how because of the black background, the logo in this ad looks much more like the slightly more modern version I adapted when I penciled the 2 issues of Challengers in '76. So I had to mention it at my site. Best wishes to you, Steve and Rene!

  2. The new series of Brave and the Bold is, without a doubt, one of the best titles being published by DC today, and not in the least part because it's refreshingly free from all the other chaos/crap going on in the current continuity. The Flash - Doom Patrol issue is priceless.

    As usual, I'm loving your blog, fella. Keep up the sterling work.