Monday, January 01, 2007


We spend a lot of our time here at Booksteve’s Library living in the past. The books, the music, the movies, the comics--the sounds and smells and looks of our childhood and even our parents’ childhoods. When you look around and see all of the hatred, the war, the poverty, the cruelty and the disasters that make up our present, the grass definitely looks like it USED to be a lot greener in that black and white world. What we forget is that that touch of innocence we’re all wishing we hadn’t lost was in ourselves, not our environments. And that’s just it. It’s still there. It’s just that as we all get older thoughts of sex and money and power and sex and money and more sex, etc. drown it out.
As we enter the new year, take a quiet moment to reflect on delight. The kind of delight you haven’t felt since you were a kid. Then go do something to feed that long-neglected need. Play with a puppy, make a child laugh, read some Disney duck comics, watch new cartoons, write a story, discover something you missed along the way and cherish it the way I cherish almost everything that happened when I was seven. That’s delight!
Remember that a new year is a new opportunity for creating delightful new memories for you and those close to you. It’s your choice, though. Of all people, I understand that stress is never easy to deal with. I also know, however, that it’s essential that you DO deal with it. Life is a series of pressures and wrong turns that somehow, if we’re lucky, gets us to where we need to be. Like the TARDIS, 2007 is bigger on the inside than on the outside. There’s plenty of room to take all that cool stuff from the past along with us but for right now…let’s go paint this new blank canvas with delight! C’mon! I’ll beat ya!

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