Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Celebrate National Gorilla Suit Day

Since we have more junk here than in Fibber McGee's legendary closet, we, of course, have a gorilla suit here at the Library. You probably do, too if you're the sort to be reading this in the first place. As a child, every time I saw a guy on TV in a gorilla suit, I presumed it to be one Janos Prohaska, a professional gorilla impersonator introduced from time to time by Bob Barker on TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES. Comics fans will recognize that this name was much later retconned in as the real name of BLACKHAWK! Somehow I don't think we're really supposed to think that it's the same guy. Anyway, next week, dig your suit out of mothballs and let's all celebrate!
Read all about National Gorilla Suit Day over at Mark Evanier's busy corner of the Web.:

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