Friday, February 01, 2013

Comic Book Creator

Two weeks ago, I spent hours and hours with the great comics painter Alex Ross. This past weekend, I hung out with Ross's sometime collaborator, the perceptive comics writer Kurt Busiek. Never met either man, however. In both cases, what I was doing was transcribing portions of the cover-featured interviews for the upcoming COMIC BOOK CREATOR magazine.

In case you haven't heard, COMIC BOOK CREATOR is the latest endeavor from Jon B. Cooke, previously the man behind the wonderful COMIC BOOK ARTIST magazine. Ronn Sutton, Fred Hembeck and Alan Kupperberg, all three being longtime friends of the Booksteve Blogs, will be contributing to each issue as well!

Look for the first issue of COMIC BOOK CREATOR in April and then regularly thereafter. Having heard what Jon has coming up in just the first few issues alone, if you like this blog...if you like comics!'ll need to pick up a copy. Let your local comic shop know to order up on COMIC BOOK CREATOR now. Or, pre-order a copy yourself here:

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