Monday, February 04, 2013

Creative Differences-A Booksteve Writing Blog

This week, we premiere yet another new blog! It's creative! It's different! It's CREATIVE DIFFERENCES-A BOOKSTEVE WRITING BLOG!

My friend and writing protégée, Dee Sutter (author of JOURNEY OF SHADOWS) has challenged me to start writing again. Something other than blog posts that is. As such, this new blog, shared with Dee,  looks at writing from my point of view and her point of view. It presents stories, scenes, poems, comedy routines and unfinished work by both of us as well as my regular all-new responses to Dee's writing prompts.

It's a different type of blog and may not appeal to many of the readers of my pop culture blogs but I'd appreciate it if you'd check out CREATIVE DIFFERENCES and let Dee and I know what you think. Thanx!

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