Friday, June 22, 2012

Your Comics Code at Work-Doug Wildey


Reader John Yuskaitis sent along this scan of the original art from a Doug Wildey story we ran here a while back. Seems those last few panels were significantly altered prior to publication, presumably to appease the Comics Code. 

John writes: A few years back I had the opportunity to purchase his original artwork for that story and I think I have a gem for you... First off, his artwork is amazing. The printing process of the time and the coloring don't do it justice. The other amazing thing is there is no cover up or pro white until you get to the last page. Page 5 on the last 2 panels looked to have a rubber cement paste up over the lettering. Well, someone had removed what the cover up was and beneath that... a different ending! I am thinking this was done by Doug or someone who knew the story since there was also a few pieces of white masking tape placed over the airplane in panel 5. This had to be done to pass the Comics Code, since the printed ending had Bob living. 

  Happy to share with all the Doug Wildey fans out there.


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