Monday, June 04, 2012

Last Day For Eisner Awards

If you're a comics professional, you get to vote in the Eisner Awards, one of the industry's most prestigious awards. Today's the final day to do so for the 2012 awards. The results will then be tallied and presented at this year's Comic Con International next month.

This year, I'm nominated for an Eisner Award for the first time. Oh, my name isn't on the ballot but my book is--the book I worked on more than any other book I've worked on to date. The book where I get a "Produced by" credit as seen here.

ARCHIE--A CELEBRATION OF AMERICA'S FAVORITE TEENAGERS is nominated for an Eisner Award and, if you're a professional and have waited until the last minute to vote, I'd appreciate if you'd consider voting for it. In our financial state, I obviously won't be in San Diego to see if it wins but I'd still feel the pride of knowing that a book I wrote large portions of won the Eisner Award.


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