Friday, June 08, 2012

Grass Green Comics

I love finding obscure back-up strips in comic books most fans aren't likely to notice much at all. These two hilarious MAD-style strips from the late Richard "Grass" Green are from late sixties issues of Charlton's ABBOTT & COSTELLO.  Grass was one of the first fans to turn pro, moving from early sixties fanzines to Charlton in mid-decade. By the early seventies, however, he had taken his always funny schtick to the underground. I've no idea why he never caught on in the mainstream but I've always enjoyed both his serious work and particularly his silly stuff. Here we see some sublime silliness.


  1. Outstanding! I love Grass Green!

    Where did the Hansel and Gretel spoof appear? I must track down a copy because I've been totally unaware of this Mr.Dedd spoof! Love it!

    Rip Off

  2. Abbott and Costello # 7 from March of 1969.