Saturday, January 28, 2012

Here We Go Again...

Skipping Sub-Mariner Saturdays with the need to come to our readers yet again with a special request for donations if you like our blogs.

At this point, if I can hold out until the last paperwork arrives that I can do our taxes we should be able to get caught up on things pretty quickly.

That's if we don't lose our Internet connection and phone completely come February 1st and right now that's looking like a very real possibility.

So head over to BOOKSTEVE'S BOOKSTORE PLUS and see if there's anything you'd like to purchase or, if not, please consider a small donation to keep us bringing you my 1974 Journal, the Wally Wood and Gray Morrow blogs, the history of ADVENTURE COMICS, reprinted comics at Four Color Shadows and all the great pop stuff from 1966!

Any and all proceeeds received over the next few days go to keep us bringing you the most entertaining and informative blogs possible.

Many thanks to all who have donated or purchased from us in the past and thanks to any and all who choose to do so now. You ARE appreciated. The DONATIONS button is at top right. The Bookstore link is above.

The above cat, btw, is Magellan Thompson, now known as Jelly or Jellybaby (as in DR WHO). We still think of him as a kitten as he's only 9 months old but he has turned into a big ol' CAT!

UPDATE: Thanks to those who have purchased or donated over the weekend! As of Monday morning, we have achieved our goal! Wow! You guys are great.

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