Sunday, December 11, 2011

Silver Age Sub-Mariner Splash Page Sundays # 43

At last, another good this case literally! With this issue, former SUB-MARINER artist Gene Colan (AKA "Adam Austin") returns to the strip, bringing along former SUB-MARINER inker Mike Esposito (AKA "Joe Gaudioso"). This time they're both using their real names  even! Esposito was certainly not the best inker for the highly illustrative art of Colan (that would be Tom Palmer) but the combination, seen from time to time, sorta kinda worked.

At first glance, this page doesn't even look like Colan to me, more like Marie Severin. Perhaps she did the original layout as she apparently did quite often for Marvel covers in those days. Turned sideways and looked at closely, though, it's clearly Gene's work.

And good work it is. We're back to the neatly framed image that's both artistic and intriguing, ensuring that the reader will want to turn the page to see what all happens next.

My only problem with this one is once again the coloring--the pink title lettering, the sickly green logo lettering at the top, the  odd choice of green for the water and too much yellow background center.

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