Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1974--A Geek's First Journal--Be a Charter Advertiser!

Well with a couple of sales and a paying gig at the moment, we're on track for being able to make our Internet payment yet again. What that means is that the brand new prequel blog to A GEEK'S JOURNAL, 1976 will be premiering on January 1st!  That's right, since I apparently did NOT keep a journal in 1977 we can't go forward but, by popular demand, we are going back in time to 1974 when I was in the ninth and then later tenth grade, ages 14 and 15.

A GEEK'S JOURNAL, 1976, with all the publicity it got early on, has been our most successful with paid advertising. If anyone would like to run appropriate ads on 1974--A GEEK'S FIRST JOURNAL right out of the gate, please write to booksteve@aol.com to inquire about our rates. I'm told they're inexpensive for what you get!

As the days dwindle down for 1976 (as well as the entries as I was trying desperately NOT to run out of pages!) I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful support you've given my teenage self! I hope you'll sign on to time-travel back even further with us this next year!

Watch for the link as we go live on January 1st!

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