Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recent Facebook Profile Pics

 Just an update. All ten booksteve blogs depend on paying my perpetually a month behind Internet bill. We are selling stuff currently to make money to pay those bills. If you see anything on this site you'd like, make an offer and if we still have it, we'll talk. For more specific sale items, check out our daily updates on the sale site at We also get a percentage of all DVD and book sales from BOOKSTEVE'S RARITIES. For both of those sites, remember that Christmas is coming! Advertising is available at all of our blogs at what I'm told are more than reasonable rates. I'm still doing writing, proofreading, editing, ghosting and research, also at reasonable rates so if you have a pop culture (or other) project and need some assistance, write to us at . Finally, if you don't need work done and you aren't interested in purchasing ads or pieces of my history, we still accept just plain old donations at the PayPal button at the upper right on all of the booksteve blogs. Thanks!

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