Monday, November 07, 2011

Days of Adventure

In that spare time I have so much of--what with 9 other blogs already and my I.T.C.H. columns--I have created a new blog! DAYS OF ADVENTURE will be both a review and history of DC's long-running ADVENTURE COMICS. The title originally ran 503 issues and has recently been revived. Best known as the long-time home to the LEGION OF SUPERHEROES, it also saw stints with SUPERBOY, GREEN ARROW, AQUAMAN, THE SPECTRE, TALES OF THE BIZARRO WORLD, SANDMAN, STARMAN, CAPTAIN FEAR, THE CREEPER, PLASTIC MAN and DIAL H FOR HERO...among others! It starts out slow with the mixed bag mostly humor issues but once it gets! Check it out and check back often. Should be a fun ride.

Oh, and should I remind regular readers that it was in ADVENTURE COMICS where I myself was first published waaaaay back in 1968!

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