Friday, May 27, 2011

Vincentennial--Vincent Price at 100

On stage he was Oscar Wilde. On radio, he was Simon Templar, the Saint. On television, he was a Hollywood Square. On record, he worked with Alice Cooper and Michael Jackson. On film he was Roderick Usher, Anton Phibes, Matthew Hopkins and scores of other memorable characterizations in comedies, dramas, romances, westerns, noir films...but most memorably in horror films. The late Vincent Price, one of my favorite actors since childhood, would have been 100 years old today! Happy birthday, Vinnie...and thanks for all the smiles and all the scares!


  1. Nice post, great photos!
    I attended a 100th Birthday Celebration for Price last night at the Edgar Allan Poe museum, here's the birthday cake they had:

  2. I'll stop everything for a Vincent Price movie! He was great in "His Kind of Woman" playing an Errol Flynn expy who gets a taste of real danger and loves it.
    Back in the mid-80s when the Disney Channel was in its early days, they ran Tim Burton's "Vincent" - I was awestruck.
    Curiously, my first exposure to Price was seeing him in Sears catalogs selling art.