Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Jack Benny Times

I remember watching Jack Benny's TV show before I could really put a coherent thought together in my tiny head. I remember his annual TV specials as being some of my favorite TV moments of the sixties and early seventies. I recall my delight on discovering his long-running radio series and amassing hundreds of episodes. One of my first professionally published pieces was for the book WELL!--REFLECTIONS ON THE LIFE AND CAREER OF JACK BENNY.

Thus it is that I am thrilled to appear in the latest issue of THE JACK BENNY TIMES, the official house organ of the International Jack Benny Fan Club. The magazine reprints, with permission, the piece we did here a while back on Jack's appearance in the BATMAN AND ROBIN comic strip at the height of Batmania!

That's Benny guitarist Frankie Remley on the cover of the issue, by the way. You might have known that if you;d been a member of the IJBFC. To join or find out more, go here:

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