Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There It Is-Charley Bowers-1928

I'm assuming this to be real even though the whole story sounds much like the plot of Peter Jackson's mockumentary, FORGOTTEN SILVER--a completely forgotten silent screen comic is hailed as a genius after a number of his films are rediscovered in excellent quality and show early innovations in animation and color. I had never heard of Charley Bowers until yesterday but I've looked him up extensively and have yet to see anyone let on if this is a gag. THERE IT IS, from 1928, is a consistently inventive comedy with much silly fun all around. Wait until you see Scotland Yard...and little MacGregor!


  1. If Charley Bowers is a gag, it's long running - I recall reading about him in Izzy Klein's column in Cartoonist Profiles, so at least by 1969 or 1970. Klein had some not nice things to say about Bowers, who was the boss at the Mutt and Jeff Film Company (hope I have that right)

  2. OK, I concede Charley is real. I have a 1929 Film booker's annual which lists Charley and names his then -recent films. Even gives his perhaps spurious bio about being kidnapped by the circus as a child.