Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stan Goldberg Goes PG-13

Here's a fun, well-drawn and little-known strip from the first issue of the 1975 NATIONAL LAMPOON wannabe mag, APPLE PIE. Drawn by Archie Comics legend Stan Goldberg (whom I had the pleasure of speaking with several times recently), it's certainly more risque and naughtier than your average Riverdale tale but...not that much really. Nowhere near the R-rated level of Dan DeCarlo's PENTHOUSE COMICS work years later. Without specifically parodying Archie and his pals 'n' gals, Stan manages to easily capture the style to the point where it's easy to imagine this tale simply taking place elsewhere in the Archie universe.


  1. As an old Archie fan, I like it!

  2. Stan Goldberg has been one of my heroes for some time, for his coloring work. But I also love when he's working in Dan DeCarlo's "ARCHIE" style.

    I sometimes think they shoujld have had Goldberg doing a "WASP" solo series (instead of Larry Lieber).

    Thanks for posting this! Fun stuff.