Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Art-1970-71

Thanks to old Pal Terry who hoarded some of my less than majestic superhero artwork for four decades, here's a look at same. After all this time, only parts of these make sense to me so I shall refrain from commenting. You will note on one, however, the news that DARK SHADOWS was going off the air the following week...thus dating that particular page to late March of 1971.

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  1. CompositeCompositeComposite! Whew. Tho I don't think there was ever anything the least bit impressive about a moth that would make a hero or villain choose it as a name...prolly the Tick's Arthur would agree. "Killer Moth" is just about as awe-inspiring as "Moth Killer"...I DO like Adaptoman - that sounds cool and rolls off the tongue!

    Have you ever smelled Moth balls?

    Thanks for these, they're great. I'll have to show you some of mine, one of my strips the hero is able to punch the villain perfectly, in pitch black darkness, because he can hear his footprints.