Monday, November 01, 2010

Harvey Music Ad

I have never really understood the need some folks seem to have that requires comics heroes to have songs made about, around or by them! DC and Marvel had it in the sixties with more Marvel from various unofficial sources in the seventies. Archie, of course, hit the Top Ten with some of "their" music. Here. though, we have Richie Rich and Casper in one of the busiest ads I've ever seen! Anyone ever heard this record?

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  1. There are five of them, of which I only have this one. They're all decent bubblegum tunes, though the others aren't as strong as this one. I'm not sure if the picturesleeve actually exists; at the least, I've never seen one. If you poke around the internet, you can probably find them for download without too much trouble. Incidentally, they're all written by long-time Harvey editor/future NYT best-selling author Sid Jacobson.