Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Comic Spinner Needed in New York Area!

No, not for me. If you've looked at my header, I already have one. No, prolific author Craig Yoe will be guest curator for an upcoming comics-related exhibit at New York City's Sex Museum and is looking for someone who would loan him one for the duration of the exhibit. He would simply prefer one a tad closer than mine here in Kentucky. So if you're one of those comics fans like myself who, through whatever means, obtained one of these squeaky nostalgic wonders over the years...and you're in the general vicinity...and you wouldn't mind its perhaps irreverent use at the exhibit...please contact me at booksteve at aol.com
or you can contact Craig directly at yoecomix at hotmail.com .

UPDATE: NOV 11--Got one in NYC! Thanks to all who responded!

1 comment:

  1. Shucks. Mine's available, but I've a feeling Oregon may be farther than Kentucky.