Monday, November 22, 2010

Middle School Fundraising

We interrupt our daily dose of pop culture goodness to present one of those things that every parent has to go through from time to time--school fundraising. Remember when you talked your mom into taking your box of candy to work to sell to her co-workers? Well consider this the equivalent.

The good news is that Bookdave has been chosen to go on an educational class trip to Washington, DC next May...only they need money. Each month between now and the trip there will be different fundraising activities by the Travel Club. This month's involves reaching out to community members and businesses for support. Thus I present the Official contributor form and open the whole thing up to the global Internet community.

So please embiggen and read the letter you see here and then, if you should wish to contribute to Bookdave's education by helping fund his trip at any one of the listed levels, you can do so simply enough by pressing the PayPal Donations button on the sidebar of this blog. Please let us know your name and mailing address as per the form. We will withdraw all contributions weekly and send on to the school. PLEASE SPECIFY THAT YOUR CONTRIBUTION IS MEANT FOR THE WASHINGTON TRIP!

From time to time, I will provide updates on the Travel Club's progress.

We thank you for your indulgence, understanding and, of course, any and all contributions. We now return you to your regularly scheduled progress.

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