Sunday, December 21, 2008

Paul Still Isn't Dead

In recent years, son bookdave has become obsessed with the whole "Paul is dead" rumor that ran rampant in 1969-70 and later resurfaced on the internet (in a supposed "historical" context).

Well, last month, Paul--still very much alive--saw his third FIREMAN CD released and, coincidentally, I found a comedy sketch I wrote in August of 1980 (remember! John was still alive) that still makes me laugh. (Okay. okay. I know its not THAT funny! That's why I'm NOT opening next week at your local comedy club.) This came at the tail-end of my sojourn into professional comedy and was written but never performed. The actual whole piece is a 20 minute news parody that I remember reading out loud to a few of the other members of our already disintegrating troupe, THE OHIO RIVER SWIM CLUB. Here's my Paul is Dead bit. I know its a bit tasteless but we weren't known for our tasteful humor:

Announcer: Good evening. Our top story tonight, former Beatle and Rock Legend Paul McCartney has died...according to clues on his latest album. (Brief music clip plays). It may sound like nonsense verse but that lyric you just heard, when played backwards at a slower speed and translated from Latin, is said to be, quote, "Paul will kick the bucket." Another song repeats the words, "temporary secretary," which, again when played backwards and this time translated into phonetic Russian words...umm...that I can't pronounce... indicates today's date. "It's obvious that Paul wanted to let us down easy by subtly conveying the news. He knew we'd all figure it out." was the quote from the head of McCartney's fan club. Details of the singer's actual demise are sketchy at this time but may be cleared up tomorrow when Mr. McCartney himself has called a press conference for 10 AM Eastern time here in New York where he's preparing to start a new world tour. He's expected to completely deny the story as usual. When reached for comment, Ringo reportedly stated, "What? Again?" and George Harrison stated, "Ooooooommmmmmm!" It was, however, unclear s to whether Mr. Harrison was actually commenting on the story or on something else all together. We'll try to get a comment from Mr. McCartney on the story.

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  1. the one thing about the whole ''paul is dead'' story that always struck me as peculiar was the guy who won the paul look-alike contest around the time he supposedly died-- there is no record of that guy at all since then... he just vanished. did he replace paul if paul really did die?