Monday, December 15, 2008

Frank Sinatra Autographed Bracelets

By 1947, Frank Sinatra had become a parody of himself and his earlier career and yet was still a few years away from reinventing himself as the Chairman of the Board. That's when we saw THIS little item--genuine 24 carat gold plated bracelets autographed and endorsed by Frankie himself (Swoooon!). More than likely the ever-fickle bobbysoxer brigade that dogged him a few years earlier did NOT run wild. Note that the autograph is, in the fine (and fading) print, " actual impression of Frankie's signature reading 'Faithfully Frank Sinatra.'" Wasn't he with Ava at this point? And what's this? Oh, wow! For a limited time only you got a free book of Frankie's life story with a cover pic printed "in gorgeous duotone!" Although Sinatra's career would rebound endlessly, he would sadly continue to parody himself over and over. At one point in the eighties, live concert films showed that 'the Voice" would rarely stray anywhere near the correct words or tunes of his own familiar songs. Who did he think he was? Van Morrison?

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