Saturday, December 20, 2008

Patsy and Hedy-Girls on the Go-Go

Everybody liked my MILLIE THE MODEL posts so here's a mid-sixties ad for Marvel's other big characters for girls, PATSY AND HEDY. Redhead Patsy was, of course, Patsy Walker who was later written into Marvel super hero continuity as Hellcat. Dig those groovy threads, man!

Me, I wanna know if Elvis, Mia and Ilya actually guest-starred in this issue!


  1. been awhile since I read that issue,re-reading you'll see the cover clearly that these singers are "mentioned" inside. I will know mention Elvis and Marilyn so you can put it on your cover....

  2. i could be wrong, but i'm thinking patsy walker "hellcat" wasnt the same character as patsy walker "teenie-bopper"-- in the marvel universe itself, the patsy walker comic existed, and was written by hellcat's mother or grandmother and based on her, but wasnt actually her... seems like it was something along those lines

  3. As I recall, Patsy was established as a "real" Marvel Universe character when she showed up outside Reed and Sue's wedding way back when. The Hellcat Patsy had indeed been married to the teen Patsy's old boyfriend Buzz so it was the same character. At some point, though, it was said that Patsy's mom had written the teen comics based on exaggerated stories of her daughter's "real" life. (None of which explains what happened to Hedy!)