Friday, August 03, 2007

VideoHound's Dragon

Here's the latest addition to the Library--VIDEOHOUND'S DRAGON-ASIAN ACTION AND CULT FLICKS. We don't get too many new additions these days due in part to lack of money (don't forget to hit the tip box!)but the lack of space is also a deciding factor. Still, sometimes a title appears that's mandatory for one reason or another. In this case, this massive 900 page film reference, published at $24.95 in 2003, was spotted at BORDERS for only $2.99!!! Check that sticker on the cover--that's TWO dollars and 99 cents, people!

And what do you get for that pocket change? Like other VideoHound titles, it's an alphabetical listing of, in this case, pretty much all things Asian in film. Like GODZILLA? Read about all of his films here. Chow Yun-Fat? John Woo? Akira Kurosawa? ULTRAMAN? Sammo Hung? Yep! All here, too. Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan go without saying but you'll also find coverage of the kids film THE ADVENTURES OF MILO AND OTIS as well as bizarre Asian offshoots such as Woody Allen's WHAT'S UP TIGER LILY? (Hi, Frank!)

So what are you waiting for? For some high-kicking Asian film reference, hit the bargain section at your local BORDERS today!


  1. i never thought in my life i'd see the sentence "foreword by cynthia rothrock"

  2. It's got my website listed in it so I had to buy it of course. It even mentions Kill Bill, which was still being made at the time.