Monday, August 20, 2007

99 & 44/100 Percent Dead

This was an odd attempt at a campy gangster comedy from 1974. John Frankenheimer directed and Henry Mancini did the score but I still recall seeing this opening in lesser houses at the time. With it's Lichtensteinien poster and Dumbledore as a hitman, you'd think it would be more memorable but all I can really recall, strangely enough, is that Harris met actress Ann Turkel on the set and married her after the shoot. They were together for eight years.

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  1. i think it was a huge flop at the time, leading to its forgotten status nowadays.

    i remember coming across this at the video store i worked at many years ago, and the box art was just a boring photo of Harris with a gun. with his Drew Carey glasses and wire-thin frame, he wasnt exactly an imposing action hero.

    now that ive seen it, they SO shouldve used that Lichtenstein poster!!!