Friday, August 17, 2007

The Pre-Mighty Crusaders

From the 1962 pages of THE JAGUAR # 8, here's a reader's letter suggesting a JLA-like team (as witness the mock cover) featuring all of the Archie Adventure heroes. Much as happened at DC with folks like the late Dr. Jerry Bails making suggestions that Julie Schwartz fleshed out, the powers that were at Archie developed this into THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS a couple of years down the line. A diffrent Shield appeared and a revived and revised Comet was added but otherwise... Kind of ironic that the Jaguar himself, his mag by that time cancelled, was NOT included at all.

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  1. Now this is weird.

    The apparent writer of this note, Paul Seydor, went on to become somewhat famous as an Oscar-nominated film editor (25 films, including Turner and Hootch and White Men Can't Jump):

    I wrote him to razz him about this early appearance in print, and he replied:

    "Dan: I am the Paul Seydor of Imperial, Pennsylvania, but guess what? This must have been drawn and sent in by someone masquerading as myself, because I wrote neither this letter nor did the drawing (though I did once have some minor gifts as a comic-book artist).

    That said, there are doubtless quite a lot of legitimate letters of mine in DC comics that someone could dredge up

    Many thanks for the heads up all the same,


    ---Dan Hughes