Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Paul Stanley

Just wanted to offer best wishes to sometime comic book character (seen on the right on this cover)Paul Stanley of KISS. Although not a huge fan of the group I went through a brief period of interest in them about---Jeez!--30 years ago now! As you may have heard, original member Stanley was sidelined by a heart issue this past weekend leaving KISS to appear for the first time ever as a trio.

I note that Stanley has offered a message assuring his good health and informing fans that this is nothing new at all but rather something with which he's always had to deal. Read it at
I had three KISS albums--DESTROYER, KISS ALIVE and KISS ALIVE II. At one point, I even had tickets to see them on my birthday in Cincinnati but they had to reschedule due to a snowstorm and I wasn't able to go on the revised date.
Paul Stanley always seemed like a pretty good guy, though (as did Gene Simmons in his own way) and, as a true pop culture icon of two centuries now, I wish him well.

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