Friday, February 14, 2014

Karen Valentine

Seemed appropriate today to celebrate Karen Valentine, an actress who flourished in the period between the iconic sixties TV girls and the jiggly seventies TV girls. Karen co-starred on ROOM 222, was a regular in popular TV movies (including being my favorite Gidget ever), she was nerdy-sexy on a couple episodes of LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE and became a fixture of HOLLYWOOD SQUARES for a number of years. She was one of the first celebs I saw live, in this case starring in BUS STOP in summer stock (with James Naughton and Rose Marie) and she was also the very first celeb I got a personally signed photo from! Every day is Valentine's Day if you're Karen!
Thanks for everything.

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  1. Never heard of Karen Valentine, but you helped me discover that Room 222 also starred Judy Strangis (aka Dyna Girl)! I think Judy's the one I would have preferred a signed photo from.