Saturday, August 04, 2012

Vintage Ad by Simon, Kirby, Meskin and/or Roussos-1950

Here's a non-descript ad I found in the back of a 1950 comic book that's brewing a little controversy over on Facebook where I posted it. Is it by Joe Simon? Jack Kirby? Mort Meskin? George Roussos? Some combination of those or, perhaps, all of them together? They were all working at the S&K studio around this time.  The girls in panel one look like Meskin to me, The guy with the ball in panel one and the middle guy in panel two look like Kirby figures and faces. The guy speaking in panel three, all of panel four and the pitchman at bottom look like Joe Simon's work. The whole thing seems to have George Roussos' "inky" touch. 


  1. Steve,

    The first three panels in particular appear to be Kirby pencils, and perhaps the girls faces in the final panel. It does look like Roussos inking throughout, perhaps with Meskin assisting on pencils as well.

  2. Meskin expert Ger Appeldorn writes: Yeah, saw it as well. I think it is mentioned somewhere and I thought it must have been in your list. It may have been misattributed to Kirby before, but it clearly is by Meskin. although your guess that Joe Simon may have inked it, seems like a good one.