Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Missed It By That Much!

Yesterday, August 21st, marked 7 full years of BOOKSTEVE'S LIBRARY! 

Following on the heels of the aborted BARNABY POP blog form a year earlier, the success of BSL led to the rest of the BOOKSTEVE BLOGS including our current roster of 10 more (see sidebar) as well as the late, lamented BRITTANY ROSE AND ME, YOU'RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR LAST PICTURE, ITALIAN SLOW COOKING and BOOKSTEVE TRANSCRIPTIONS. Along the way, thanks to this blog, I've made close friends such as the amazing Craig Yoe, supporters such as Jerry Beck and Fred Hembeck, readers such as Michael Netzer and the late Jeffrey Catherine Jones. I've had the opportunity to speak with and write about various performers including Donna Loren, Tony Dow and the much missed Kip King. It's also thanks to this blog that I have as of this point worked on more than 20 published books from at least 6 different authors over the past few years...with more to come. It's thanks to this blog that we were able to contribute to the long cold case of murdered Christa Helm and even salvage her sole, missing starring film and the story behind it's making. 

Sadly, I've had to start selling off parts of the actual library over the past couple of years but there are still about a gazillion books...and just yesterday I bought a few new (well used) ones!


Thanks to all who stop by here from time to time. I hope you'll keep coming in. I've got plenty more to write about!