Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Evil Of Loki-Recolored

How important was colorist Stan Goldberg to the early days of the Marvel Universe? Check out this oddly colored (by someone ELSE) UK reprint from just a few years later and you'll get some idea. 

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  1. From Fantastic Annual 1970, released at the end of '69. Note also that the tale is edited, with just a caption explaining the scenario. (The full story had appeared in the weekly comic a couple of years earlier.)

    Another tale in the book was The Haunted House - with the splash page and several panels edited out. This version was reprinted straight from the weekly comic, which had two panels accidentally transposed when it was being cut up. It was never corrected for its appearance in the Annual, Sloppy editing twice over.

    As you say, colouring can make or break a story.