Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gracie Allen For President-1940

We try to avoid politics here but seen here is one candidate I think we can all agree on--The Surprise Party candidate of 1940, Gracie Allen! Gracie began her campaign as a joke on THE BURNS & ALLEN SHOW but it just kept growing and growing. Before you know it, she had a running mate (a kangaroo) and was turning up on other comedy shows unannounced stumping for votes. Her bogus campaign even had a cross-country train tour that netted her some non-bogus write-in votes!

For more on Gracie's campaign, read Rick Keating's piece here!


  1. I heard one of the shows discussing her campaign recently, and it made me want to vote for her. Didn't know about the kangaroo!

  2. This is great! I've had vote for Batman and vote for Yogi pics on my blog, but I haven't heard of Gracie running for Pres.