Sunday, February 27, 2011

Silver Age Sub-Mariner Splash Page Sundays # 2

Okay for our second week of SASMSPS we get another mostly naked man but this time it's Namor himself and he ain't happy. Overly muscled in that comic-booky way but not TOO overly-so as would be the case in more recent years, our still oval-headed hero is destroying plot leftovers from the previous issue so he can get along with the current one which, as we can tell, will involve the aquatic Inhuman, Triton. That Subby is particularly angry here is emphasized by the deep red background and the crackling energy. This week's page is again brought to us courtesy of Big John Buscema and classic inker Frank Giacoia, with imperial dialogue from Roy Thomas (nominated for an Eisner Hall of Fame Award this year).

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  1. Big John at his most muscular! This was my first Subby comic. I missed the debut, but I was on board with this issue and didn't miss another until the book was canceled a few years later.

    Great in-your-face art!

    Rip Off