Saturday, February 12, 2011

RIP Christa Helm-34 Years Ago Today

34 years ago today, "starlet" Christa Helm died a tragic death when she was brutally stabbed in a crime that today remains unsolved and becomes more intriguing with every new piece of the puzzle that emerges.

When the ID-TV Channel recently reran the CBS 48 HOURS MYSTERY episode on Christa from 2008 for which my wife and I were interviewed, my blog about her life and murder suddenly jumped to a thousand visitors per day during the next few days.

I'm sorry to say I've been lax in my research recently. I'm even sorrier to report that little progress has been made toward bringing her killer(s) to justice.

Above you see a new screen grab I made from Christa Helm's sole starring role as crusading reporter Jackie Broke in the unreleased LET'S GO FOR BROKE. We are currently attempting to get in touch with former DARK SHADOWS werewolf stuntman Alex Stevens who it turns out was the original, uncredited director of that project. If anyone has any info on contacting him. please contact me.

We are also looking for info on any adult films with which Christa may have been involved. She was all around that industry and the LAPD reported to me that they had established that she was in a couple at least but so far nothing has turned up with her actually in it. On IMDB, one person reports that she was in a 1973 picture entitled BLACK GARTERS or BLACK STOCKINGS. He goes into great depth and detail supposedly from his VHS copy and yet this film is not listed in any adult film archives that I have found nor do any collectors I know have any familiarity with it. The original IMDB poster has never returned my emails. If anyone has any info on this or other adult (or even non-adult) films Christa Helm may have been connected with, please contact me.

If you haven't checked out what we DO have on her life, go here and start from the beginning:

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