Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Creem Does Marvel-1973

Boy Howdy, does this bring back memories. CREEM fans will get that reference. Behind Jazzy Johnny Romita's cover of this 1973 issue of "America's Only Rock 'N' Roll Magazine," there were two articles about Marvel. Presented here is the main one by Mike Baron who would one day write a few pieces for the company himself.


  1. I always loved the "behind-the-scenes" shots at Marvel, thought it must have been as groovy working there as Stan made it sound in his Soapbox raves...

    But looking at the pictures now, it seems awfully cramped and kind of icky (at least in the art department!). And what's with all the HIPPIES?!? ;^)

    I love the way the Spider-man costume includes his underarm webs. Just a tiny detail, but I really appreciate it.

    Wotta geek I am.

  2. Boy Howdy do I get that reference. Cream was the greatest Rock & Roll Mag that ever was - Lester Bangs, etc. Man, do I miss the incredible scattershot, dead-on writing of that magazine. I still quote from that mag often. I still think of Neil Young’s guitar style as “elemental scrapings” as one Cream writer put it. I would give anything for a "Best of Cream" multi-volume set. I have Bangs' "Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung" but it's not enough. So many other great writers. Rolling Stone (even then) sucks by comparison.

  3. There is a CREEM book out. It is not all that great though.

    I have been following their website for years now.

    For a while, they announced a return to publishing, and then an announcement of an online magazine.

    But so far - nothing had happened.

    I had a letter in CREEM magazine once.

  4. Yeah, I hunted for this issue for a while, FINALLY picking it up for under $20 on eBay.

    Awesome cover, on stands the year I dove head-on into the Marvel Universe, like Dorothy heading to Oz, 'Dark Side'-style.


    Seriously, I bought it to matte/frame the cover, but the article is awesome for the play-by-play notes on Barry Smith and Conan pages.

    A HUGELY valuable time capsule to own and reflect on, especially when reviewed next to the 'Marvel: The Untold Story" hard cover.