Friday, February 11, 2011

Abbey Road Live Cam

This site is addictive! This is the link to a live webcam that runs 24/7 at the legendary Abbey Road crossing in London where the Beatles were photographed for their final recorded album. Sometimes, like tonight, I just put it up in the corner of my computer screen and watch and listen in on a tiny but famous little corner of the world that I'll never see in person.

During the day, it's fun to watch fans and tourists risk being killed by traffic to pose in the crossing for photographers. As I write this, though, it's 3:30 AM in London and raining pretty hard. Not too much traffic this time of night although I just saw a doubledecker bus go by. Do those things run all night? A little while ago, a man came walking by in formalwear with a flower in his lapel getting soaked. On his way home from a late party, perhaps? My mind makes up stories for all of the folks and cars I see through this literal little window on the world. Try it!


  1. I just ( 09:52 am )watched a couple of girls almost get knocked down by cars/joggers as they posed on the crossing, annoying rush hour drivers. I can see this site becoming horribly addictive!

    If I'm ever in Abbey Road I'll have to remember to wave for the camera

  2. Thanks Steve - you're right this is addictive! I'm watching the cam right now (it's 11 am in England) and it's pretty busy. I love that there's sound so you can actually hear the traffic and even people talking.

    In the span of a minute I saw three separate groups of people stop in the middle of the crosswalk imitating the famous Beatles pose.

    Now three double decker buses went bye at the same time.

    Great site!

    ps - my word verification was "palin" ugh.