Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wood Portfolio For Sale

I hate to part with it but I need to sell my WALLY WOOD'S WEIRD SEX-FANTASY PORTFOLIO. It was put out in 1977 by Richard Pryor (not THAT Richard Pryor) and features a series of lovely plates that parody sci-fi trends and cliches, all with a naughty touch. There's a STAR WARS parody, EC parodies, FLASH GORDON. All in all, these were some of the best pieces Woody did in later years (with the able assistance of the young A.L. Sirois), all done up in an oversized portfolio, signed and numbered, with my copy being number 589 of a limited edition of 2000 copies printed. Much higher numbers have been going for upwards of 500 dollars on EBay and auction sites in recent years. If you're a serious Wally Wood collector and don't have this, contact me at Asking price is negotiable considering the economy but would rather not cheat myself as I reluctantly give up this treasure.