Sunday, July 04, 2010

Gene Colan Benefit

Speaking of Captain America, the great comics artist Gene Colan drew issue 601 of CAPTAIN AMERICA just a year or two ago and as many of you may know, Gene has had a rough time on many levels lately. Clifford Meth is helping Gene out by auctioning off his original art pages from that issue (which was printed in color but also in an edition just from the artist's pencilled pages. Go here for details and sample pages:

For those who may not know, Gene had already had a good career doing romances, horror stories and even some humor work when he turned up at Marvel under the name "Adam Austin" in the mid-sixties doing SUB-MARINER. No one was fooled and soon his real name was gracing a long classic run on DAREDEVIL and another one on IRON MAN. Gene also drew AVENGERS, DR. STRANGE, CAPTAIN AMERICA and really came into his own in the 1970's with THE TOMB OF DRACULA. Later he had a long and well-remembered run on BATMAN at DC and turned up in a number of mini-series and short run titles for various publishers, big and small. Mr. Colan even did some work for ARCHIE comics and had it singled out in various reprints!

If you collect original art, check out the link above for some absolutely beautiful and unique comic book pencils from a true master of the art of comic book storytelling.

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