Wednesday, July 07, 2010

It Happened in Hollywood-Long John Nebel

Here is one of the funniest things you'll ever hear if you like to hear folks just plain losing it. This is Long John Nebel, a radio talk show host from the mid fifties until his death in the late seventies. He was an interesting character himself, arriving late to radio and pioneering the long hours of talk radio one can't avoid these days. He frequently had sci-fi authors as guests and often discussed UFO's and other alleged phenomena. Jackie Gleason and James Randi also appeared on a fairly regular basis as skeptics. His late in life pin-up girl wife was allegedly a mind-controlled CIA victim and became co-host of his all-night show in its final years.

This clip comes from that brief time in the early seventies when porn was trying to
go mainstream and even succeeding to some extent! Hard to believe but sometimes it would even get advertised on the radio! This is one such time. IT HAPPENED IN HOLLYWOOD was a now-forgotten cheesy porn spoof put out by SCREW magazine and they bought time on Nebel's show. This is what happens when Long John Nebel, a professional broadcaster for two decades by this point, reads the copy cold...on the air.

This audio clip is introduced and partly narrated by Dick Clark and is from a blooper album he did way back in the late seventies.

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