Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update Time Again

Been tough to do more substantial posts lately when I spend most of my day just sleeplessly sweating in 90+ heat and high humidity. Sorry. Hopefully it can get back to what passes for normal around here soon. In the meantime I'm taking a certain absurd amusement at just how many things can get thrown at us.

1--Still unemployed. Filling in apps and sending out resumes almost daily but...New Unemployment compensation law should help eventually but right now, no.

2-Wife's job still up in the air. She's lost it, she's got it back, she gets more money, she gets less hours, she's lost it, she's got it back. Final answer may be next week.

3-Savings virtually depleted. Selling stuff to stay ahead at this point. The Wally Wood Portfolio didn't sell on eBay by the way so feel free to make me an offer.

4-Family issues with my wife's relatives. Not going to get into it except to say it's been emotionally draining for all parties.

5-Bank calls due previously unknown late fees dating back to 2004! Ummm.....

6-Floods! Not only did we lose AC and everything stored in our basement during last week's surprise flooding but every time it rains I have a PTSD-like obsession that the basement will flood again...especially since it has developed three little seeping groundwater leaks now!

7-Minor health issues popping up but haven't been able to afford doctor. Various friends have also had health issues and one friend died in recent weeks.

8-No sleep due to lack of AC. Burning through batteries fast on personal fans and the house is littered with floor models. None help all that much. I never had air-conditioning until I was in my thirties but this house seems impossible to cool otherwise.

On the other hand, there's good stuff--

1-Got the water heater and washer and dryer back working finally!

2-Reconnected with several old friends I hadn't spoken with in 5-25 years via Facebook (and met some great new ones recently!)

3-Got some great pictures of Brittany Rose the other day literally drowning the sorrows of a few bad days in yet another torrential downpour.

4-Got a cheap microphone to help with considering voiceover work and possible podcasts.

5-Sold some comics, a collectible book and some artwork recently as well as some blog adspace. (Anyone interested contact me at

So anyway, bear with us. Will try to maintain cool stuff even if it's not substantial stuff. As always, if you like what we do here and want to make sure we can pay our internet bill to continue it, that ol' Paypal tip box is on the right near the top of this page. Thanks!


  1. I hope things get better real soon, Steve. It has been unbearably hot here as well -- when I can, I try to spend time at the library. Free wi-fi and air conditioning!

  2. We finally cooled down in Cincinnati yesterday, as in high of 88, but I can say we don't have any of the horrible things going on in the first part of your list.

    I wish you all the best and will keep you in my thoughts.