Sunday, August 31, 2008

Conan by Netzer and Giordano-1977

Haven't heard from our friend Michael Netzer lately and his website hasn't been updated for awhile but I have no doubt that when it is, it will be worth the wait so it stays in my permanent links section. While we wait, however, here's a cool find. From the 1977 pages of SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN, we present a pin-up of the future governor of California drawn by Michael (in his previous incarnation as Mike Nasser). Given the artist's acknowledged Neal Adams influence and the fact that this is inked by Adams' long-time inker, Dick Giordano, one might easily mistake this early piece as Neal's work! Hope you are well, sir!

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  1. Hello Steven, I'm sure you know I just returned from a summer in the outdoors far away from computers. Preparing a story about it on my site soon. Thanks much for the thought and the fine hi-rez image. Wishing you all the best, good friend!