Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random Thoughts From a Sleep-Deprived Brain

One of our favorite correspondents around these parts lately has been our new Net-friend, Lisa. Well, seems that Lisa has now started her own blog with the above title (or more accurately run together as RandomThoughtsFromASleepDeprivedBrain). She's already proven to be an expert researcher and her unfortunate insomnia leaves her with a lot of pop interests and a lot of time in which to pursue them. Her blog thus far consists of interesting stuff she's found on her journey along the Information Superhighway--stuff that makes you think, stuff that makes you grin, stuff that makes you lust after it (like the home theater room above but that could just be me!) and stuff that just generally makes you go WTF!? In a very short time, Lisa's infectious enthusiasm for weirdness in the world has won me over big time and I suggest you give her blog a look. Bet it wins you over, too!


  1. You like me, you really like me (insert tears as needed)

    Thanks, Steve... Now I feel pressure to actually write something-- I honestly needed that I think...

  2. that's a cool site. cheers.