Saturday, August 16, 2008

New PC

Sorry posting is light at the moment but things should get better soon. The main reason this time is that the Library updated its computer system earlier this week and so now, of course, nothing works quite right! In the end, though, it should be SO worth it! As we mentioned recently, we came into enough money to finally get ourselves out of debt. Along with that, there was plenty to save and a little left to play with. We opted to update our 32 GB PC to this 750 GB PC! Here's the system we got and we got all the bells and whistles including a 24 inch flat widescreen monitor! WOW! What with continuing work issues, it's going to take some time, however, to hook up the old PC elsewhere and get all the good stuff off of it. Then there's the problem that my pre-existing HP printer and digital camera software are incompatible with Windows Vista (as is the ROLLING STONE on DVD set we purchased recently with our incentive check). On the other hand, we've already been able to get ahold of some nifty old movies we've always wanted to see and the quality is excellent. As the tech guy who installed our high end anti-virus program said (and we'd already bought the computer), "This machine will not be obsolete in three years. More than likely, this will be where other PC's are striving to BE in three years!" Now if I can only get it to do what I want it to do sometime soon.

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    i am badly in need of a new 'puter but the main thing keeping me from it is vista...