Friday, August 22, 2008

Rare Galactica Art-1978

Returning to the well of local TV magazine covers of the seventies, here's a nice (and I'm pretty sure rare) vintage BATTLESTAR GALACTICA cover. This looks like a real promo piece and not just something done up for this cover by a staff artist at the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER but I could be wrong. I have to say that while I watched BG regularly at the time (and even saw the advance theatrical release at the Village Theater in Erlanger, Kentucky!) I was never much of a fan. Oh, the Cylons were cool, of course and the John Dykstra SPFX were exiting in that still barely Post-STAR WARS world but the writing just seemed...well..juvenile! I much preferred GALACTICA 1980, the later low-budget spin-off featuring Lorne Greene's Adama in a very fake beard. It was just...well... less pretentious. All that said, I hear the more recent version's pretty adult and quite well done. Tried to get it from the Public Library once but no luck so...maybe someday.

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  1. Steve,

    I've watched nearly all the current Galactica thanks to my library -- does your library allow you to place holds on stuff, like through their website? That's the only way I ever get anything from the library.

    If I'm not mistaken, I think you can watch the entire series of the current BSG via -- if it's not there, it's somewhere, and it's all legal! It's definitely worth watching, no matter how fond you are of the original series!