Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Here we have yet another "off the shelf" item chosen more or less at random. This is the premiere issue of SH-BOOM, a late eighties- early nineties pop culture nostalgia magazine aimed squarely at baby boomers.
Informative and obviously written by people who care about their subjects, this issue offers a major article/interview on Annette Funicello (before she got sick), a rare late interview with Groucho’s YOU BET YOUR LIFE sidekick George Fenneman, some classic TV bits, some old time rock’n’ roll reviews, Dr. Demento on "dirty" rock classics and an Elvis centerfold featuring this image of what I’m sure is an uncredited Teri Garr. There’s also Dick Clark, Buddy Holly, a history of Jukeboxes, the late (great) Johnny Ace and, perhaps amazingly, the wonderful cult actress Mary Woronov!
I know I have more issue of SH-BOOM around somewhere (including one in which Pat Boone addresses the claim that he ruined Little Richard’s songs by homogenizing them) but I’m not certain how long it ran. One thing’s for sure, though. As with much of the baby boom era itself, it sure was fun while it lasted.


  1. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Never saw this magazine when it was
    published but if I had I would have
    probably picked up at least one to
    sample it.
    I don't want to keep writing to tell you you're wrong, Steve...so I'll say I'm not confident that
    the model in the photo IS an uncredited Teri Garr! It "kinda sorta" looks like her (didn't know
    she was ever a brunette) but I will
    allow that you might be right!
    Any Garr fanatics (all three of you) know for sure?

    Sam Kujava

  2. The rest of the shot shows Elvis with a bunch of dancers and it says "Clambakin'". Terri Garr is listed on IMDB as appearing uncredited as "dancer" in CLAMBAKE.Still just circumstantial but I DIDN'T know that when I made my guess! I just now looked that up on IMDB! I stand by my identification. (Note however that if I were saying she was inked by Charles Paris and you were saying it was Charles Nicholas I would invariably bow to your expertise.)

  3. Anonymous11:28 PM

    This cutie gets me hot the same as Teri Garr does, so I think it's her.