Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Guys Wear Black

Came across this in the archives today. This is an ad for GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK, an early (1978), atypical Chuck Norris flick in which our hero is much more the cool sophisticated type than the good-ol'-boy John Wayne-style hero he became. Here he's John T. Booker, a former soldier whose men are all being killed off mysteriously...and he's next. Not much of a budget and yet well directed by veteran Ted Post who had also helmed BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES, THE HARRAD EXPERIMENT and a gazillion TV episodes. Along with classic film noir star Dana Andrews, the supporting cast includes more TV veterans such as James Franciscus(LONGSTREET), Lloyd Haines (ROOM 222) and Jim (MISTER MAGOO) Backus. The female lead is the lovely Anne Archer, rumored at the time to have been originally cast as Lois Lane in the then still upcoming SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE.

Previously, way back in December of '05, we ran the more familiar ad from this film which features Chuck doing a flying kick through a car windshield. It was during a tour to promote GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK that I got to meet Mister Norris which you can read about here:

GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK sure looked at the time like the beginning of a franchise but as far as I know, John T. Booker (similar to John Wayne's John B. Books in his last film, THE SHOOTIST)was never seen again.

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