Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thunderworld Adventures

The actual DCU Capt. Marvel is now a behooded dark figure named Shazam. This ain't him. As part of DC's MULTIVERSITY concept, this one-off deals with a universe where a close facsimile to the original Marvel Family resides. Writer Grant Morrison cleverly manages to avoid mentioning the M word (Marvel) 
almost entirely while still channeling Otto Binder's original Fawcett stories, albeit with his own patented meta touch. It's a fun story on its own and yet a puzzle piece to the full scale Multiversity project.

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  1. I read it this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. At last, Cap is back. Why should this be so hard???
    Looking forward to future adventures of the classic big red cheese.
    Fr. Dan

  2. Sadly, since this is a one-off chapter in the grand Multiversity series, I doubt we'll see any more of this version except in some big finale superhero jumble. I hope I'm wrong in that.