Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Help Rebuild a Bookstore

I spotted this almost randomly online today, like it was meant to happen. I've never been to Sparta, TN and you probably haven't either. But that's not the point. There are a LOT of good causes screaming for assistance these days but this is not just an individual's cause--this was a small community's BOOKSTORE! Nobody gets away with burning BOOKS--even by accident-- while Booksteve can do something about it. I don't know these people. Never heard of them until 10 minutes ago. But this is now MY cause and I'm asking you to contribute what you can this season! Without books, we lose. It's as simple as that. We lose everything. 
Here's the text on the site where I found it:
"I was wondering if you would share a post that may be able to help re-built a bookstore that follows your page from Sparta, TN? It is the only bookstore around within 50 miles of Sparta, TN Thanks so much! ************************************************************************************ 

Please give support and aid to this small Independent bookstore that was destroyed when a neighboring business caught fire. Riverbank Books was a big supporter of indie authors and with your help,Tonya can start a new bookstore. Let share this post and help Sparta, TN get their bookstore back! 

Donations can be made via Paypal @ Sunshinetonya1973@yahoo.com or at http://www.gofundme.com/RebuildRiverbank 

Please share, Thank You !"

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Let's show the world that books are IMPORTANT, damn it!

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